Tijana Grujic Sopran als Calypso in Polifemo


Tijana Grujic

"Tijana Grujic, makes her beautiful soprano shine with magical grace."

The Bartered Bride

Role: Mařenka

Marie’s portrayed with great genuiness and vocal brillance by the Serbian-Austrian soprano Tijana Grujic…
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, from Evelyn Lange - October 2014
Marie’s portrayal, sung with secure coloraturas and warm timbre by Tijana Grujic, was truely inspiring.
Thüringer Allgemeine Kultur, from Ursula Mielke - October 2014
Tijana Grujic as Marie convinces by her dark timbred voice and her rethorical clarity, especially in such passionate, heartfelt moments as the challenging aria “How strange and dead is everything here
Das Opernglas, from T. Kliche - December 2014


Role: Micaela

There was great applause for all singers; but it was Micaela (Tijana Gujic) who won the spectator’s hearts …

TA Kultur, from Ursula Mielke - June 2015

Tijana Grujic (Micaela), who just lately, in 2013 changed her repertoire, from mezzo to soprano, egually convinced with a robustly, lyrical-dramatic sound picture.

Das Opernglas, from K. G. v. Karais - November 2015



With her lyrical soprano Tijana Grujić delicately portrays Pamina.

IOCO Kultur im Netz, from D. Zimmermann - October 2016


Role: Margarethe

Tijana Grujić is a touching, dramatically evolving Marguerite.

SVZ Schweriner Volkszeitung from Michael Baumgart - May 2017

Tijana Grujić’s  ‘Margarethe, at times coquettish, although primarily sensitive, provides contrast with her wonderful soprano

IOCO Kultur im Netz from Thomas Kunzmann - May 2017


Role: Gilda

The new ensemble member Tijana Grujic as Gilda is dramatically and vocally brilliant

Kreiszeitung, from Rolf Stein - November 2017

And the newly engaged Tijana Grujic as Gilda is flawlessly divine. In her girlish pleated shirt she perfectly portrayed the rebellious daughter, who wants to break free from her father.

NMZ online, from Ute Schal-Laurenze - November 2017

Tijana Grujić, who has been a new member of this ensemble since this season, succeeded in swinging a touching love aria on a swing on the heavenly stage at her debut in Bremerhaven, which seems like a dream removed from reality that frees her from the oppressive narrowness of her chamber.

issuu.com Foyer 122, from Thomas Blome - November 2017

Gilda is touchingly embodied by Tijana Grujić as a romantic lover. Her confession of love (Caro nome) on a swing at lofty heights is moving, her pearly coloraturas are admirable.

Das Magazin von Bremen - Brillant, 40th page Kultur -

Gilda was sung by Tijana Grujic with her perfectly guided, brilliant soprano voice. Her touching play underlined the young girl’s hopes and ended with truly ethereal tones in the final scene.

der opernfreund, from Wolfgang Denker - November 2017

Tijana Grujic’s Gilda is extremely present and excellently performed. Vocally, one can hear her past as a mezzo soprano. But in the peaks one she definitively raises her voice.. Really great was her aria ‘Caro nome’, that she sings just like an angel, sitting on a swing high above the stage set.

Weser Kurier, from Markus Wilks - November 2017

At her debut in Bremerhaven the soprano Tijana Grujic charms both the false student and the audience with her deepest sentiments. In her duet with Jeon one can really feel her desire to run away. And her big aria about ’reaching the stars‘: Woron makes her float on a swing through a roof hatch out of the confinement. The most poetic moment of the evening.

Nordsee-Zeitung, from Sebastian Loskant - November 2017

Frau Luna

Role: Frau Luna

The main role of Frau Luna is interpreted by Tijana Grujić elegantly and provocatively.

deropernfreund.de, from Wolfgang Denke - February 2018

Seducing in her appearance and vocally splendid: Tijana Grujic’s Frau Luna. Her seducing performance perfectly suited her appearance.

Der neue Merker from Herman Habitz - March 2018

L’elisire d’amore


Tijana Grujic is a charming, confident Adina, who can draw on unlimited vocal resources.

deropernfreund.de, from Wolfgang Denker - April 2018

Tijana Grujić is a lovely Adina with a beautiful, sparkling soprano, coquettish and self-confident.

Nordsee Zeitung, from Wolfgang Denker - April 2018

The Magic Flut


The touching performance of Pamina by Tijana Grujić, which makes her beautiful soprano shine with magical grace, is aimed directly at the heart.

Weser Kurier, from Wolfgang Denker - November 2018

Tijana Grujić sparkles with the delicate color of her voice and touches with her portrayal of Pamina.

Leselust, from Andreas Kück - January 2019

The Duchess of Chicago

Role: Miss Mary Lloyd

Tijana Grujić, styled after Marilyn Monroe, is a rich daughter pre-programmed for success, radiating her self-confidence even in the vocal sense.
Nordsee Zeitung, from Norbert Duwe - February 2019

As Mary, Tijana Grujić is convincing with her beautiful soprano and her very attractive look. Her song “A Little Slowfox with Mary”, repeated in several variants, particularly stands out.

deropernfreund, from Wolfgang Denker - February 2019


Role: Trina

As Trina, Tijana Grujić performs brilliantly in both acting and singing
As Trina, Tijana Grujić gives a first-class performance both on stage and vocally
deropernfreund, from Wolfgang Denke - March 2019
Truly extraordinary, Tijana Grujić brings her aria of bathing in gold coins – as an intimate moment of madness. Greed indeed opens up an innumerable horizon of possibilities, gives wings to fantasy and throws it into the abyss of destruction. This moral of the story leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity
taz Bremen Kultur, from Jens Fischer - March 2019


Role: Nedda

Tijana Grujić launches Neda’s “Swallow, fly away” aria into ethereal heights

Nordseezeitung from Sebastian Loskant - November 2019

Tijana Grujić enchants with her ease in Neda’s aria “Swallow, fly away”.

deropernfreund.de von Wolfgang Denker - November 2019

The beggar student


Tijana Grujić reaches the highest soprano heights with great ease

Nordseezeitung from Sebastian Loskant - February 2020
Tijana Grujic Margarethe Faust Tijana Grujic Nedda Pagliacci Tijana Grujic Sopran Nedda Tijana Grujic Marie, die verkaufte Braut Tijana Grujic Sopran als Mary Lloyd Tijana Grujic Sopran als Sonja in Zarewitsch Tijana Grujic Sopran Adina Tijana Grujic Sopran Adina Tijana Grujic Sopran Calypso Tijana Grujic Sopran Micaela Tijana Grujic als Frau Luna Tijana Grujic Sopran als Pamina in der Zauberflöte Tijana Grujic als Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni Tijana Grujic als Laura in der Bettelstudent



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